Wheel Load Balancing and Levelling for Dummies!

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You are invited to an evening hosted by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers North Eastern Railway Division on Tuesday January 9th 2018 18:00pm at Oxford Place Centre Leeds. The talk will be given by Matt Burgess of Meridian Rail who will share his experience in ensuring the best possible margins against derailment when he was Fleet Manager for Hitachi's Class 395 trains (the UK's fastest running train). He will be joined by John Doyle from MoreVision who derived the suspension algorithm and delivered it to the shop floor and captured the data via MoreVision's ExcelWraps technology. It is a story of how hands on experience of suspension system coupled with engineering analysis and computing technologies work together to increase railway safety and deliver a twelve fold productivity benefit to Hitachi. With the help of a chair, planks of wood, water wings, measuring tape, an iPad, some chain, pogo sticks, weighing scales, beer mats and a volunteer from the audience they will reveal the mysteries of railway vehicle suspension load balancing and levelling. Given the anticipated lack of engineering precision the presenters will be especially grateful if those with any medical background to make themselves known before they begin.

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