Wabtec Take Control of Uncontrolled Documents

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A controlled document is a reference document which, through the course of its lifecycle may be reviewed, modified and distributed several times. Examples of a controlled document include technical drawings, specifications, procedures, data sheets, contracts, application forms and plans. A Controlled copy is always at the correct/latest revision level. When a change is made, it is retrieved and replaced. Uncontrolled copies are often found in people desks and bookshelves and have the potential to disrupt a business process.

Wabtec use ExcelWraps as a document management system (DMS) used to track, manage and store documents. Wabtec requested a new WrapSite configuration feature to prevent printing entirely. This has been implemented and completely stops the creation of uncontrolled documents. The WrapSite holds the only controlled copy and their approach adheres to the ExcelWraps mantra "Be green, leave it on the screen." 

ExcelWraps document management features include:

  • ENHANCED SECURITY - Wrap Media uploads are held in a secure location and only users with correct credentials can access (so even if you knew the document hyperlink you could not access it without the correct user credentials).
  • REVISION HISTORY – Document changes are described in wrap input cells.
  • VERSION CONTROL – Wrap AutoNumbers automatically increment the version number and using the keyword ‘last’ takes you to latest version.
  • AUTHORISATION – Add wrap digital signatures for ‘Checked by’ and ‘Approved by’.
  • LOCKDOWN – Wrap freeze applied on ‘Approved by’ signature – then the wrap and associated media cannot be changed.
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Send out an associated Notification Wrap to collect signatures from key users. This registers their acknowledgement of the new/up-issued document and an instruction to inform their team. Any unsigned notification Wraps appear user’s ‘ExcelWraps In-tray’ until they have been signed. The owner of the notification wrap receives an email alert once all signatures have been collected.
  • MULTI-DOCUMENT – Wrap media upload controls hold an unlimited number of documents of any type pdf, MS office documents, pictures and videos. Document zoomable previews are shown when selected.
  • PDF VIEWER – ExcelWraps includes its own pdf viewer which makes sure that the document is presented in the same way regardless of what device you are using (Windows, iOS or Android). Our viewer also includes page thumbnails and headings map for fast navigation.

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