'First Three' Initiative: 3 Projects Wrapped in 3 Months

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So how do you get started with ExcelWraps? You nominate your ExcelWraps administrator (who should understand your systems and can work with Excel). We will join them (literally at their desktop) guiding them through the technology so that ‘best practises’ are adopted. Starting with paper forms (or route cards) we’ll show you how to move from paper to wraps. By the end of the 3 month period you’ll be scrutinising all the information collected by your new wraps to provide new insights over 3 projects*.

Month 1: Get Wrapping!
By the end of week 1 we have launched the subdomain, started defining user roles and importing users. XLW training leading to creation of first Wraps for administrator testing.
Month 2: Deploy Wraps! 
Wrap production is in full flow and the second and third projects are completed quickly. First project wraps released to users running in parallel with the old paperwork system.
Month 3: Data Harvesting!
First project runs without paper backup. Project 2 and 3 phased in. Wraps fully debugged and collecting data. Start to master the ‘MyWraps’ reporting tools.

*Note: A typical project comprises about 25 wraps.

Wrap TerminologyBefore long you'll be talking complete wrap! 
Wrap (noun) - A web app created from a source spreadsheet and linked to a cloud database then served up to a web community.
Wrap (verb) - To convert a spreadsheet to a web app. 
ReWrap - To create a new Wrap after a small alteration to the spreadsheet source file. 
WrapBatch - A number of spreadsheets that require Wrapping. 
WrapInstance - A set of data associated with a single wrap record in the cloud database.
WrapLinks - Pull in a value from a WrapInstance and create a hyperlink back to the source.
WrapMap - This is a wrap containing mainly WrapLinks it provides summary information and a means of navigating quickly between WrapInstances.
MyWraps - A reporting tool to produces tables and live charts from WrapInstances. 
WrapAttack - To launch a rapid wrap campaign to collect in response to an emerging crisis. 
WrapGroup - A set of permissions applicable to a number of Wraps. 
WrapBuddy - ExcelWraps personnel who works with you to create and mount Wraps on your subdomain. 
Wraptastic - When the resulting Wrap is impressive.  
Wraplicious - A particularly good looking Wrap. 
BadWrap or SadWrap or CrapWrap or PapWrap - A Wrap that does not function as envisaged. 
WrapTrap - Source spreadsheet file with a circular reference. 
WrapChat - Live Chat utility available on the ExcelWraps website. 
WrapPack- A zipfile containing the Wrap definition resources and all the Wrap Instance data (can be downloaded from one subdomain and imported to another).
WrapKnack - The ability to make Wraps.

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