We provide cloud data solutions for the railway industry covering overhaul, arising work, equipment management and maintenance. Our data collection forms have built-in competence management which means only qualified people can complete tasks so that trains are safe and  reliable. All data is readily available in reports, we even produce Gantt charts to monitor improvements in a process. Our technology creates custom applications but requires no IT specialists skills. Our clients are Eversholt, Hitachi, Siemens, Bombardier, Wabtec and Brush Traction and, as we extend down their supply lines over the internet, we have a very broach reach in the railway industry. We are expert partners for our clients adapting off the shelf solutions so that the railway industry solves problems more efficiently and effectively.

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  • Concluding The Paddington Derailment Story

    Tags: Railway Vehicle Levelling and Balancing

    Closing out a case study from last year the Rail Accident Investigations Branch have released their final report. At around 05:20 hrs on Sunday 25 May 2014, the third vehicle of an empty five car class 360/2 passenger train derailed while it was running along platform 3 at London Paddington station. … more

  • WrapMaps And MyWraps Reports Demo

    Tags: WrapMap, MyWraps, Video

    A short video demonstration of what can be achieved using www.ExcelWraps.com technology. You'll see WrapLinks, DigitalSignatures, WrapMedia all working together to send live information across a project. MyWraps reports shows what wraps are currently awaiting your signature and also used to extract … more

  • Pill for ERP Headaches?

    Tags: ERP, Rapid Application Development

    Research shows that the top problems encountered with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software are cost and inflexibility. ERP systems are generally imposed from a corporate level and become an immovable constraint on the whole business. ExcelWraps, only requiring users to know Excel, puts  … more

  • Life is Too Short for Software Specifications

    Tags: Rapid Application Development

    When you need software you need to communicate your requirements to a programmer. This usually requires some kind of Software Requirements Specification and to give you some idea of what it covers see below... on second thoughts don't read it - throw Software Requirements Specifications in the bin! … more

  • ExcelWraps Competency Model

    Tags: Competence

    “The most incompetent you can be is when you don’t know you need to be competent”. Let's consider organisational competency and examine how ExcelWraps seamlessly imposes competency management on your operation. 

    Operation – Performing a series of acts involved in delivering a benefit to end … more

  • The Life Cycle of a Wrap Instance

    Tags: MyWraps

    Like all things wrap instances are created, they live and they die. When a wrap instance is created it remembers which user created it. At any time in its life it will be waiting for signatures from users with a specific user role (or indeed specific username). The final wrap signature includes the … more

  • Andy Armstrong Wrap Creator

    Tags: Wrap Administrator, Video, Rapid Application Development

    Andy Armstrong is the Chief Wrap Creator at Hitachi's Ashford Train Depot. Andy knows everything there is to know about overhauling the high speed class 395 trains. When Andy set about building his Wraps he did so knowing this complex process intimately. Whilst the process is complicated … more

  • Integrating ExcelWraps Into a Production Environment

    Tags: Video, Document Management

    The video explains the traditional difficulties in compiling paper documentation packages in a production environment and how Wraps now collects and shares production information in the cloud. It shows how the technology has been adopted on the shop floor and what the shop floor staff think of it.  … more

  • All This Power Harnessed by My Spreadsheets

    Tags: Case Studies

    Wrap up your spreadsheets in our technology and see how it can transform your business. We have yet to find a business challenge that ExcelWraps cannot meet. Its the combination of your knowledge of a process and our unique data toolkit that makes it such a winning partnership.  Here is how we are … more

How to get started

Watch our videos - a 15 minute demo to see what you can achieve with Wraps; a further 15 minutes to create your own wraps; 20 minutes to learn how to run your wrapsite. In less than an hour you are ready to get started by downloading our free XLW addin for Excel for Windows (2007 or later) following our online help and video tutorials. We'll install your test wraps on our Trial Site and create a private workgroup to try it out amongst a few test users. We will even invite you to a user group meeting where you can talk directly to our other clients. More...

Startup WrapSite

A shared ExcelWraps web site on a shared server. The shared site has fixed user roles (User, Operative, Supervisor, Manager, Client and Supplier) and is administered by the ExcelWraps team. It brings all the benefits of wraps immediately avoiding any site setup issues. More...

Business WrapSite (Over 50 Users)

Your own ExcelWraps web site on a shared server. Enjoy administrator control of your ExcelWraps web site with full control of the site content management system and full control of site users (user role configuration and access controls). Data is gathered in on your site-wide MS SQL database fully integrated with our MyWraps reporting system. More...

Corporate WrapSites (Over 500 Users)

Many ExcelWraps web sites on dedicated servers. Enjoy the cost benefits of aggregating user count over all your ExcelWraps web sites. Customisable high performance servers are dedicated to your users alone. Our Corporate assurance package covers server inheritance guarantee and source code escrow provision. More...